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Flipbook Printer 3.0

Flipbook Printer is a program that makes it easy to print out your "flipbooks"

Flipbook Printer is an application that creates old-style animated paper. In other words, Flipbook Printer recreates on the computer what I used to do by hand when I was younger. It grabs a video movie and extracts every single frame of it. It then adds those frames to a template. You can then print those templates. A short video will probably take several pieces of paper to be printed. The size that this application works with is the size of a regular business card. So, once you have printed your flipbook, you only need to put those business cards together and start flipping them in order. You will then see the images move. The mechanics behind this are the same used by old animation movies. Thousands of pictures make the movement of Disney's old movies, for example. Flipbook is really easy to use, too. All you need to do is select your video and print it. You can't really remove frames, because that will hinder the animation process once the flipbook is printed. This is a free application that could create original gifts. It also wastes a lot of paper.

José Fernández
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